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Chemtec Flowmeters and Flow Switches

ChemTec Flange Welded

ChemTec is a family owned and operated manufacturer of flow meters, flow monitors, and excess flow valves. They engineer, build, assemble, and test all their products in Deerfield Beach, Florida. On site manufacturing allows ChemTec to provide reliable, personalized service to our customers, separating ChemTec from the competitors.

They specialize in low flow applications for both gas and liquids (120 SCFM; 20 GPM or less) and are currently the only manufacturer of all Teflon Flow Switches and Flow Meters for both high purity solutions and highly aggressive media. ChemTec is dedicated to providing products and services which exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

VCR gland/female nut Welded

Continual improvement of the quality of their products and services allows them to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. ChemTec’s products are a direct reflection of their company.

They provide quality products with the pledge to continually improve both product and service: the same pledge that Ryan Herco Flow Solutions makes to our customers every day.

Value Added Assemblies, Welds & Custom Fittings

One of the many advantages of ChemTec’s product line is its ability to be enhanced and customized. Another advantage: on-site manufacturing.

These two reasons alone separate them from their competitors. Not to mention they don’t require a minimum quantity.

Whether it is one unit or 10,000 units, they’ll add what you need for your specific application.

VCR gland/male nut

Customization Options Include:

Molex plugs, AMP plugs, mounting holes, mounting clips, mounting brackets, threaded retainers, in-line filters, seals, pins & plugs, jacketed cable, cable ties, strain relief, Brady labels, wire markers, stainless steel ID tags, metal and plastic fittings, flanges, ports (SAE, BSPP, etc), tube stubs, specialty pistons, specialty materials, gauges, alarms, relays, digital displays, quick connects, welded ports (VCR glands, male nut/female nut), oxygen service, certified helium leak tested, high flow, high temperature, explosion proof, and water proof.



Custom porting Pressure Gauge 1/2" FNPT Conduit TFE Flare Fitting